Training Your Drapery

Why train your curtains

  • Shape Retention:Curtains can memorize and retain their original shape, quickly returning to their preset appearance, ensuring a neat and organized look.
  • Wrinkle Resistance:Memory materials may help reduce or prevent wrinkles in curtains, maintaining a smooth appearance without the need for frequent ironing.
  • Durability:Curtains with memory features may be more durable, sustaining an attractive appearance over an extended period, reducing the frequency of replacements.
  • Personalized Adaptation:If curtains adapt to body shapes or specific window structures, they can offer a more personalized and tailored decorative effect, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Learn the art of properly training your Drapery to maintain its beautiful appearance with these valuable suggestions.

1. ChadMade Memory Shape Training Technology

Production Steps:

1. Fix curtains into memory shaped moulds.

2. Move the prepared curtains into the machine.

3. The machine will work continuously for 2 hours at 248°F.

4. After the steam dissipates, take out the curtains and pack them for delivery.

5. Good drape and looks neater.

Tips :

  • It is permanent.

  • This craft only apply for pleated header style.

  • The maximum width of body memory shaped curtains is 160 inches.

Memory Shape

enables the fabric to retain a crisp vertical line from ceiling to floor.

No Memory Shaped

Unlike regular curtain fabrics that have a tendency to lose their shape towards the bottom.

2. Training Your Drapery at home

1. Steam to remove wrinkles and slightly dampen fabric.

2. Line up pleats and use painters tape to hold in place.Tie the drapes at the top, middle, and bottom.

3. Leave tape on for a week.

4. Remove and enjoy beautiful pleats.

Tips :

  • Training curtains at home demands a significant amount of time.

  • It requires careful and meticulous handling, especially when using a steam iron.

  • Despite investing time and effort into training, the positive effects may be short-lived.