Aube Blackout Booklet
Aube Blackout Booklet
Aube Blackout Booklet

Aube Blackout Booklet

  • 100% Blackout
  • Interior Designer Lifestyle

The Aube Blackout Booklet is a highly effective solution for reducing light and maintaining privacy in any room. With its blackout feature, it blocks out 100% of light, allowing for undisturbed sleep or a darkened environment for movie watching. Perfect for any home or office space.

  • Absolute 100% Blackout
  • Microfiber with 3-pass foam coated in white
  • Smooth surface
  • 265 gsm weight
  • Booklet size 4x6 inches

    Fabric Feature

    • Colorfastness:The polyester dyed front of the fabric ensures long-lasting color, resisting fading even with repeated exposure to sunlight.

    20 colors options:

    • 1708-1 White
    • 1708-3 Beige
    • 1708-5 Lake Blue
    • 1708-7 Pink
    • 1708-8 Khaki
    • 1708-20 Dark Gray
    • 1708-23 Brown
    • 1708-10 Apple Green
    • 1708-2 Ivory White
    • 1708-4 Almond
    • 1708-6 Pistachio
    • 1708-9 Brown Rice
    • 1708-11 Tibetan Stone
    • 1708-12 Sand
    • 1708-13 Desert
    • 1708-14 Light Grey
    • 1708-15 Semolina
    • 1708-17 Nougat
    • 1708-24 Cloud Blue
    • 1708-25 Ivory

    Moisture Related

    It can absorb dampness up to 20% without even feeling wet. Linen curtains are naturally antimicrobial and mildew-resistant, which makes them a great option to treat your window if you live in a humid climate. They are natural thermo-regulators and can handle the heat.

    Durable and Long-lasting

    Fabric that gets softer and softer (and doesn't pill) with each washfeature well-ventilated construction, therefore, they will not get sun-damaged and will remain cool throughout.


    Its ability to wick moisture, moreover, makes it a favorite choice to keep bedrooms and sleepers cool. If you tend to sleep warm, breathable linen is a perfect choice for you. Linen bedding is a particularly popular fabric choice for use in warmer climates and during the summer months.

    Benefits of Blackout

    • Water Resistance:Polyester's inherent water-resistant properties on the front side provide protection against light rain and moisture.
    • Versatility:The combination of polyester and foam-coated blackout fabric on the back makes it versatile for various applications, from curtains to upholstery.
    • Thermal Insulation:The foam-coated blackout side offers thermal insulation, helping to regulate temperature and enhance energy efficiency.
    • Light Blocking:The blackout coating on the back effectively blocks out light, providing a dark and private environment, making it ideal for curtains in bedrooms or home theaters.
    • Noise Reduction:The foam layer contributes to sound absorption, reducing external noise and creating a quieter indoor environment.
    • Durable Construction:The fabric's composition ensures durability, capable of withstanding regular use and maintaining its functional features over time.
    • Easy Maintenance:This fabric type is often easy to clean and maintain, enhancing its practicality for various settings.

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