Paxie 100% Dupioni Silk Booklet
Paxie 100% Dupioni Silk Booklet
Paxie 100% Dupioni Silk Booklet

Paxie 100% Dupioni Silk Booklet

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Made from 100% dupioni silk, the Paxie Booklet is a luxurious and elegant addition to your wardrobe. With its smooth and lustrous finish, this booklet will elevate any outfit, providing comfort and sophistication. Experience the highest quality of silk with Paxie.

  • Made of 100% duipino silk
  • Light weight 120 gsm.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Booklet size: 4x6 inches
  • Dry clean only.

    Fabric Feature

    • Luxurious Feel:100% silk fabric is renowned for its luxurious and smooth texture, providing a rich and indulgent feel against the skin.

    22 colors options :

    • 2013-5 Ivory Beige
    • 2013-6 Pearl
    • 2013-7 Sand
    • 2013-9 Biscuit
    • 2013-12 Cashew
    • 2013-29 White
    • 2013-42 Pale Pink
    • 2013-49 Pewter
    • 2013-50 Ice Blue
    • 2013-55 Grey
    • 2013-57 Aqua
    • 2013-61 French Blue
    • 2013-63 Indigo
    • 2013-76 Pebble
    • 2013-78 Taupe
    • 2013-80 Bronze
    • 2013-88 Antique
    • 2013-93 Tan
    • 2013-94 Chestnut
    • 2013-95 Fog
    • 2013-101 Brown
    • 2013-113 Silver Gray

    Moisture Related

    It can absorb dampness up to 20% without even feeling wet. Linen curtains are naturally antimicrobial and mildew-resistant, which makes them a great option to treat your window if you live in a humid climate. They are natural thermo-regulators and can handle the heat.

    Durable and Long-lasting

    Fabric that gets softer and softer (and doesn't pill) with each washfeature well-ventilated construction, therefore, they will not get sun-damaged and will remain cool throughout.


    Its ability to wick moisture, moreover, makes it a favorite choice to keep bedrooms and sleepers cool. If you tend to sleep warm, breathable linen is a perfect choice for you. Linen bedding is a particularly popular fabric choice for use in warmer climates and during the summer months.

    Benefits of Linen

    • Natural Temperature Regulation:Silk has natural temperature-regulating properties, keeping the body cool in warm weather and warm in cooler conditions.
    • Hypoallergenic:Silk is hypoallergenic, making it a suitable choice for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies.
    • Glossy Appearance:Silk's natural sheen imparts an elegant and glossy appearance, enhancing the visual appeal of clothing and accessories.
    • Breathability:The breathable nature of silk allows air circulation, preventing the fabric from trapping heat and ensuring comfort.
    • Moisture Absorption:Silk can absorb and release moisture, helping to keep the body dry and comfortable.
    • Drapability:Silk fabric drapes beautifully, creating a flowing and graceful look in garments and home textiles.
    • Longevity:High-quality silk is known for its durability, allowing garments to maintain their beauty and integrity over time.
    • Biodegradability:Silk is a natural fiber that is biodegradable, contributing to its eco-friendly profile compared to synthetic materials.
    • Versatility:Silk's versatility makes it suitable for a range of products, including clothing, bedding, and accessories, showcasing its adaptability in various contexts.

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