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Pick your Hanging Style

Every hanging header style gives the fabric a different style and determines its drape.

Pinch Pleat

French Pleat


Parisian Pleat


Ripple Fold

Figure out the right size

Measuring the Width

For pleated curtains, the panel width is the width that pleats are already set. 1.8X-2.2X fabric usage in default to create pleats and folds.

And panel width is from the left pleat to the right pleat, return not included.

  • If you already have a track, measure the total length of the track.
  • If you do not already have a rod or track, then you will need to determine the total width that you would like your drapery to cover.

Measuring the Length

Length is measured from the curtains hook's eyelet ring to floor where you want drapes to be there.

  • The rod should be mounted at a minimum of 6"-10" above the window.

Measuring can help you get more detailed data

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