Senoa Woven Striped Sheer Booklet
Senoa Woven Striped Sheer Booklet
Senoa Woven Striped Sheer Booklet

Senoa Woven Striped Sheer Booklet

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This elegant sheer features a unique woven striped design that adds texture and style to your space. With its light and airy feel, it provides just the right amount of privacy while still allowing natural light to filter through. Transform your home with this sophisticated and practical curtain.

  • Semi sheer
  • Made of 90% polyester 10% acrylic
  • 120 gsm light weight
  • Eco-friendly
  • Woven striped
  • Fabric width 110 inches
  • Booklet size 4x6 inches

    Fabric Feature

    • Elegant Aesthetics:Woven striped sheer curtains provide a sophisticated and stylish appearance, enhancing the overall décor of a room.

    4 colors options :

    • B15-6 Black Stripe
    • B15-9 White Stripe
    • B15-42 Beige Small Stripe
    • B15-43 Khaki Small Stripe

    Moisture Related

    It can absorb dampness up to 20% without even feeling wet. Linen curtains are naturally antimicrobial and mildew-resistant, which makes them a great option to treat your window if you live in a humid climate. They are natural thermo-regulators and can handle the heat.

    Durable and Long-lasting

    Fabric that gets softer and softer (and doesn't pill) with each washfeature well-ventilated construction, therefore, they will not get sun-damaged and will remain cool throughout.


    Its ability to wick moisture, moreover, makes it a favorite choice to keep bedrooms and sleepers cool. If you tend to sleep warm, breathable linen is a perfect choice for you. Linen bedding is a particularly popular fabric choice for use in warmer climates and during the summer months.

    Benefits of Woven Striped Sheer

    • Natural Light Enhancement:The sheer nature of the curtains allows natural light to filter through, creating a bright and airy atmosphere in the space.
    • Privacy Maintenance:While sheer, the woven stripes offer a level of privacy by diffusing direct views from the outside, making them suitable for various living spaces.
    • Versatility:These curtains are versatile and complement a variety of interior design styles, from contemporary to traditional.
    • Texture and Depth:The woven stripes add texture and depth to the fabric, contributing to a visually interesting and dynamic window treatment.
    • Airy Feel:The lightweight and sheer quality of the curtains create an open and breezy feel, making them ideal for rooms where an airy ambiance is desired.
    • Temperature Control:Sheer curtains help regulate room temperature by blocking harsh sunlight while still allowing a gentle diffusion of light.
    • Easy Coordination:Woven striped sheers are often easy to coordinate with other elements in the room, such as furniture and accessories, due to their neutral and timeless design.
    • Illusion of Height:Vertical stripes can create the illusion of height, making these curtains particularly suitable for rooms with lower ceilings.
    • Year-Round Use:The versatile design of woven striped sheer curtains makes them suitable for year-round use, adapting well to changing seasons and interior themes.

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